Coastal Wetlands Watercolor Painting Framed

Lake Effect Gallery

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Cool sandy aqua water washes aginst the wet land thickets of reeds and grasses, creating ripples and rings of reflections around old pilings and a grounded row boat.  Perched on the pilings are seagulls heading into the wind.  The art measures 29" x 21", it is framed to an outside size of 39 1/4" x 31 3/4".  Painted on 140# Arches.

The artist's personally designed the framing on this piece.  It is made up of a  triple mat in archival extra thick 8-ply soft white for the top mat, a soft gray/blue middle mat and a gray/brown solid core mat that picks up the frame color for the bottom mat.  The frame is a Roma  rustic gray wood with hints of blue that picks up the colors of the pilings in the painting.  Conservation glass.

This piece coordinates with many of the artist's work, especially 'Fogged In' shown at the bottom of the page.

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