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Macatawa Park Cottage Framed Giclee on Canvas

Macatawa Park Cottage Framed Giclee on Canvas

Stan Myers

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A miniature piece cropped from Stan's Cottage Row Macatawa Cottage painting. Created on canvas and framed in matte silver frame.

"When I first encountered these summer cottages I was captivated by their character and personality-each so different. I had never seen a setting like this before-neatly tucked side by side at the base of the tree-covered dune with the sound of the beach not so far away. Each unmistakably had a story to tell if I only could spend time setting on their porch. I was glad to include this young woman as she passed by because she symbolized the lives of individuals who had summered here over generations. But somehow I find the cart the focal point of this painting, though it could easily be overlooked. With all these cottages, unique and independent of each other, there is still community and shared memories-and this cart symbolizes that. For those who summer here, they commonly use the cart to port their belongings to the front of the cottage where they can't drive. How many times have families wheeled this cart with excitement and anticipation upon arrival, and how many times saying good-byes for the season. Years come and years go by. Generations come and go, but these cottages and cart remain with their stories to tell." ~Stan

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