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Sleeping Sails Gelled Giclee on Canvas Framed

Sleeping Sails Gelled Giclee on Canvas Framed

Toni Houtman

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Calm, restful, serene and soothing. Warm tones and calm waters make this such a tranquil piece by Toni Houtman.?ÿ This piece has been printed on canvas with gelled accents to give it dimension. Handsomely framed in a soft gun metal frame.?ÿ Great for your cottage, home or office. Be sure to view Resting Vessels and Dusk Mooring which are crops from this amazing piece.?ÿ ?ÿ*If this piece is sold, we can create one for you!

Please note image shown is not the frame that is standard for this piece.?ÿ Please email or call 616-395-3025 for current frames available for this pricing.


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