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Carrie Rodgers-O'Neal

Carrie L. Rodgers-O’Neal
Artist, Lake Effect Gallery Owner

Personal style begins to evidence itself early in some artist’s work.  Looking back at my color choices and painting style, even in the early teen years, I see muted, neutralized colors and a dramatic interpretation of subject.

My color choice still, 30 years later are muted and neutralized.  I strive for fluid flow of color and contrast of values in my work.  My favorite work , (transparent watercolor on 200 lb. Waterford paper), emerges from puddles, water blossoms, mist, spray and spontaneous strokes of the brush.    I want to capture a viewer by striking an emotional chord that takes them back or forward to a timeless memory of scent, color, warmth and relationships.   I cycle through my favored subject matter almost yearly; garden blooms, aged water vessels, stucco and tile street scapes and childhood adventures. 



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