Conwy River Boat House Oil Painting Framed

Carrie Rodgers-O'Neal

Regular price $1,200.00 Sale

Weathered shingles, a rusting sea wall, old pilings, reflective water, moored boats and an over grown garden all come together in this quiet Welsh scene near Conwy Castle.  The artist has used both brushes and painting knives to create texture and glow.  Hues are softened blues, greens and grays with splashes of periwinkle, deep red and bits of coral.  Lake Effect Gallery has framed this piece with a rustic, double stacked frame in two shades of of gray/brown (taupe).  The framing is included in the selling price.  Outside dimensions are 27" ht. x 39" width.

This painting pairs with Carrie's Venus II painting.  Also developed from the same location in Wales.

Giclee (prints) are available.

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