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Arrival At Mackinac Island  Giclee

Arrival At Mackinac Island Giclee

Stan Myers

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Giclee: "Arrival at Mackinac Island on a brilliant clear day of autumn is captivating for me as an artist. The journey across the straights is a brief time of visual purging where sight is limited to sky and sea. The experience at this time of year is more than the picturesque place associated with summer tourism. On this day the air is clear and cool and all one sees is sharp and defined. The sun now tracks lower in the sky, allowing the colors to be luminous, especially the first fall leaves. A hint of the playfulness of summer still remains, but most tourists are gone and the setting is quiet and even reflective. My senses tell me, "Savor these moments in this special place, because the season is fleeting."
In this artist's eye this place hosts an exquisite setting for color and dazzling light to play with geometric shapes against the organic shapes of foliage and clouds. From the vintage summer homes with their refined form of character; the brilliant blue water lapping at the docks; and the visual crescendo of the church with its spire crossing the arched horizon into the sky-for me, this sight is a visual symphony."

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