Open Monday thru Saturday 10:00 to 5:00. Reach us at 616-395-3025. 16 W. 8th St., Holland, Michigan, USA.

Our Story


With its roots deeply embedded in the lakeside life of West Michigan, Lake Effect Gallery has been a place of inspiration since 2001. We started in a quaint building on Lakeshore Drive and moved downtown in 2003. Now, over 17 years after first opening, we are continuing to grow and support a collection of over 20 West Michigan artists.

Inspired by the area’s coastal environment, many of our artists focus on beaches and boating, local gardens and tulip lanes, historical architecture and cottages. Lake Effect Gallery features original oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and abstract pieces, as well as custom prints, sized to fit your space. We also offer jewelry, hand crafted garden art, furnishings, glass and functional metal art. 

Enjoy our  exceptional art framing services; tailoring artwork and framing design together to surpass our patron's expectations.


Our lives along the west shoreline of Michigan are shaped by the water that surrounds us, the particular fruit and flowers which propagate in our abundant gardens, the unusual topography of the dunes and wet lands, the atmosphere's scent of earth and water, the chaotic weather patterns creating heavy snow, fog, waves and ice, the playful times of growing families on the water and beach.
 The Lake in part is who we are. - Carrie Rodgers-O'Neal