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Framing - Creative Solutions

Customized Art and a Vintage Cottage Look

Our client had purchased an original piece depicting tall red glads in the garden.  The art was floated on Antique White and framed in this Creme, rubbed chalk finished frame. She loved the piece, but wanted to hang it over a headboard in a guest bed room.  Problem: The single piece of art was too small for the space.

Solution:  Lake Effect custom created 2 pieces to go with this work by cropping colorful windows of a Venice Flower Market scene painted by Melissa Ramirez.  The art and framing were sized to work in a grouping of 3 pieces.  

Digitally cropping portions of a painting and creating a new piece is a possibility that expands a clients options to meet unusual, specific requests.

Heirloom Rug

Our client had three squares cut from her Grandmother's rug.  Each was a different design and slightly different proportions.  We design the three pieces to be hung stacked vertically.  Three deep, faux leather frames were used which picked up the terracotta hues found in the rugs.  The rugs were stretched over thick batting to give them dimension.