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Dry Docked At Gibson's II Giclee

Dry Docked At Gibson's II Giclee

Carrie Rodgers-O'Neal

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An award winning watercolor painting of weathered old sailboats stored on rusted stanchions at the  St. Johns' river marina. Carrie spent a morning with her father, Jim, photographing the many sea worn vessels in storage at the Gibsons marina located  next to her parents home in North Central Florida. Working the painting on a watercolor board versus traditional paper,  the paint moved much more then the artist was used to.  This helped in the creation of very abstract shadow shapes and interesting variations in the values in both the foreground and background. The palette is dominantly deep reds and golds, some sage and navy. Large framed giclees of this piece have been popular for use in masculine offices, waiting rooms and home spaces.  

Pairs well with the Drummond Island Rentals series paintings.

10 x 8  Matted giclees are done in achival quality neutral mats which vary in shade. The art is approximately 6" x 4.5" in size.  

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