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Gracious Serenity Giclee

Gracious Serenity Giclee

Stan Myers

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On this beautiful summer evening I absorb the serenity of the moment as the slowly setting sun casts its brilliant warm light across all that is seen. I'm captivated by the soothing movement of reflections on the water and the rhythmic patterns of sunlight as it dances along the underside of the boats' hulls. My eye makes its way through the distant piers to capture a glimpse of the lake that lies beyond. But it is on the brilliantly lit boat transoms that my eye comes to rest with words that reveal more than their names-gracious and serenity-gracious serenity. How can I not recognize that this moment of serenity is a gracious gift from above?

10 x 8  Matted giclees are done in achival quality neutral mats which vary in shade the art is approximately 6" x 4.5" in size.  

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