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Macatawa Bay I Giclee

Macatawa Bay I Giclee

Stan Myers

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On this quiet summer evening I was captivated by the tranquility of these boats on Lake Macatawa, lined up at their moorings in the lightest of evening breezes. When I first saw this happen I was fascinated by how they shifted in unison, as if they were connected. I've always considered sailboats to be graceful crafts that work in harmony with nature and appreciate this as an artist. But I was also attracted to the contrast of the evening light in this setting. My eye followed the rhythm of the water to the cool calmness of the boats resting in the foreground; and with progression, to the distant boats that were brilliantly lit. The distant shore repeated this changing pattern of shadow and light, all conveying to the senses the transition from the exuberance of the day to the restfulness of the night.

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