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Saugatuck Dune View Giclee

Saugatuck Dune View Giclee

Carrie Rodgers-O'Neal

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Early evening casts deep shadows and rose hues over the wind sculpted dunes and water of Saugatuck State park's isolated shoreline. Carrie found this spot last summer, on a perfect August day as she walked the beach near her home. 'The wind carves and sculpts the dunes into areas we call bowls or blow outs, it creates moguls, and craggy bank edges with exposed tree and grass roots. Deer and humans create paths along the ridges and low places that lead to the water.' Coordinates nicely with other works by Carrie.
This rendition is a very loose style watercolor with saturated darks, water oozles and runs in the sand and a sky of layered clouds.

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