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Shoreline Boats At Lago Maggiore Giclee

Shoreline Boats At Lago Maggiore Giclee

Stan Myers

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On the shorelines of the lakes district in northern Italy can be found these traditional boats that have been used for generations in their trade. I appreciated the beautiful craftsmanship used in making these wooden boats, and that they were still in use today. Left on the shore to their own, they reflected the lives of the Italians who depended upon them, which for me held a certain mystery.

Aesthetically, I was attracted to the strong diagonal that runs through the center of the composition where the boats divide the sand from the water. I was also drawn to the limited color scheme of blue and the complementary touches of orange in this setting. And the pastel blues in the water are balanced by the pastel orange of the sand. But it was especially the back lighting that revealed the forms of these boats in the brilliant sunlight that told me I had to paint this scene.

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