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The Lone Green Boat Giclee

The Lone Green Boat Giclee

Stan Myers

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Leland River runs over the dam and through "fishtown" in the village of Leland before flowing on into Lake Michigan. Along the banks at the mouth of the river I discovered resting along the shore an old green boat left alone to its self that caught my attention. There seemed something ethereal about it.
It had been a moody autumn day with dramatic skies always changing. For me, days like this were spiritual as I explored beautiful places up north to paint. At this moment it was growing late and the day drawing to a close. Clouds were heavy, but I was optimistic they would break before I left. I was not disappointed, for when the clouds parted the light was brilliant. The autumn golds were rich, and the grasses blowing in the wind; but what mostly caught my eye was this boat that insinuated something more-a transitional message within. It was like it had come from the common waters of the river in the foreground, but pointed beyond. For in the distance over the knoll, was revealed the brilliance of dazzling light as it danced upon the open bay-indicative of greater things to come.

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