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Traverse Bay Cherry Orchard Giclee

Traverse Bay Cherry Orchard Giclee

Stan Myers

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Discovering this setting was exhilarating. Grand Traverse peninsula has many small roads to explore and vistas to behold, but none I have found quite like this. The rows of cherry trees with their glossy mahogany bark leads my eye down the hill, passing from brilliant light into the cool shadows and again into the warm light of the late afternoon sun. My eye bridges to the roadway in the distance, that takes me to find the farmstead and red barn. But my visual journey does not end here, however, as I discover the blue water and follow the shoreline to the far left where my eye weaves back into the scene by way of tall trees. I follow the shadowed distant coastline of the peninsula, until finally, it takes me across the bay to the coastline of the mainland on the far horizon. This is not a tiring journey to be taken, but one to be experienced again and again.

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